BeLiFS Becoming Literate in Faith Setting

Teachers & Faith Leaders

Sister Yaa


Sister Yaa speaks Twi and English and teaches the children in English, however, she really enjoys teaching them Twi songs because she feels more at ease using Twi. She had Middle school education in Ghana and since arriving in the UK, about seventeen years ago, she has completed an ACCESS course to Nursing.


After expressing interest in working with young children, Sister Yaa started as a new teacher. Then through observation for one month, she started teaching and developed from there. However through planning, she became inducted into the Church of Pentecost way of teaching young children.


Sister Yaa and her colleagues assess the children’s learning in reflection by going over the previous lesson to make sure that the children have understood that lesson before continuing.


Brother Isaac Nortey


Brother Isaac was born and brought up in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. He had his education in Accra, including Media Studies. In 1994, he joined his wife who was already settled in the UK and also joined the Church of Pentecost-UK where he became a faith teacher of the 9-11 year olds. Syllabuses, written by pastors in Ghana, are based on the Bible and are sent from Ghana for use in the UK church. He accesses worksheets from the internet for the children to complete.


Brother Isaac speaks Ga, his mother tongue, a little bit of Twi and a little bit of Ga Adangbe and English He can read and write in Ga and English. In Ghana, he and his grandfather were Methodist whilst his grandmother was Anglican.