BeLiFS Becoming Literate in Faith Setting

Teachers & Faith Leaders

Mr. Sathasivam Ananthathiyagar


Since arriving to the UK in 1976, Mr. Sathasivam Ananthathiyagar started teaching Tamil children in the UK, the Tamil language and Hinduism. Seeing a need for this education he became one of the founding members of the Tamil School called Nalvar Tamil Academy which is run by a charity organisation established in 1977 named Saiva Munnetta Sangam.


This organisation is dedicated to providing many more services to the Tamil Hindu and local community: a Yoga Centre; Temple; Arts Academy; Elderly Centre; Conducts Last Rites according to Hindu Rituals and publishes a magazine called Kalasam Publications.


Mr. Sathasivam Ananthathiyagar is currently Head Teacher at Nalvar Tamil Academy and Religious Secretary at Saiva Munnetta Sangam.


Mrs. Shakthi Ahtheesan


Mrs. Shakthi Ahtheesan is currently a Teacher at Nalvar Tamil Academy. She teaches Tamil language and the beginners’ religious education class too.


She is dedicated and passionate in educating young children in Tamil and Hinduism and delivers her lessons with enthusiasm, making them fun and interactive but at the same time organised and disciplined too.


She is an active member of the community participating in many events and has been a part of Saiva Munnetta Sangam and Nalvar Tamil Academy for more than 20 years.