BeLiFS Becoming Literate in Faith Setting

Faith Settings

The Hindu Saiva Faith Community in the UK

Introduction to the Faith:

Hinduism is often called a way of life as opposed to a religion. Many points support this statement; Hinduism has no founder, no date of origin and no set doctrines or one religious....Read more.

Historical data for East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre Muslim Bangladeshi families

Introduction to the Faith:

The East London Mosque and the London Muslim centre are located in the East end of London, on Whitechapel road.....Read more

The historical background of the Church of Pentecost-UK

Description of Faith Beliefs, about the Faith itself

‘Pentecostalism’ is a new form of Christianity in Ghana that allows worshippers to express themselves externally and, consequently, feel liberated internally....Read more

The Roman Catholic Church

Description of Faith

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest denomination of Christianity in the world and it has been a predominant religion in Poland since its King, Mieszko I, was christened in 966...Read more