BeLiFS Becoming Literate in Faith Setting

Teachers & Faith Leaders

Brother Isaac Nortey


Brother Isaac’s involvement with the Church of Pentecost-UK (COP-UK) started after a Bible training course at the Redbridge Bible Training centre, lasting one year. He was then asked to head the Children’s Ministry. He also helped establish the Youth Ministry and in training the youth, he balances Ghanaian cultural discipline with that of the UK, because many of the children were born in the UK. Brother Isaac is genuinely concerned about the youth growing up between two cultures and spends time guiding them on the right path. He says that both his church life and family life are built around church activities.


Deacon Adu Boansi


Deacon Adu Boansi migrated to the UK from South Africa in 1999 and joined the Church of Pentecost, attending the service in East Ham Assembly from October, 1999. In Ghana, he attended Methodist and Catholic Churches before joining the Church of Pentecost. He balances the way children conduct themselves in Ghana (e.g. not speaking to a teacher with hands in pocket or using the left hand to give or receive things) with the UK, where this is allowed.


Deacon Adu is attached to the Sunday school and, as an accountant by profession, looks after their accounts. He believes in the bi-cultural (Akan and English) way of teaching to suit both the Ghanaian and UK ways of learning, using rhymes and songs.


Deaconess Pat Yeboah


Following a Damascus experience on 23rd July 2001 at Brighton, during the Church of Pentecost (then ELICOP) Evangelistic Summer Convention, I gave my life to Jesus and joined the family of believers, attending the Clapham South English Assembly congregation from 24th July until 27th January 2002. A mini bus was then purchased to transport us to the newly bought Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) in Becontree Dagenham – a former Bingo Hall and cinema with capacity to hold 1500 people so for the last 11 years from 3rd February 2002 this has been my assembly.


I became an active Local Witness Movement member immediately and was appointed as District Secretary in 2004, becoming the first female District Witness Leader in January 2006 – 2009. In January 2009 I was promoted to National Witness Executive Member and hold this position to date. The Lord has used me to plant churches in Southend, Harlow, Colchester, Grays and as far a field as Cardiff in Wales. All glory to Him. District Follow up Leader for all visitors since 2005 – 2011 and All Nations Day coordinator since 2007 to date. District Marriage Committee secretary since 2005 to date, I became a Deaconess on 30th October 2010 by Apostolic appointment through revelation from the Holy Spirit to the Resident Missionary Apostle MS Appiah – no interview needed for me – as is the norm! District Women’s Treasurer since January 2010 and Cashier in the District Finance Committee since January 2011.


I enjoy my varied positions in my church and thank God for the grace, flexibility and availability He has granted me.